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Algebra 2
Instructor: Ms. Karapetyan   
Decide. . . . Commit . . . . Succeed!!! 

Last minute reminders...
Please remember to do the final exam study guide questions; these are DUE on the final exam day.  However, the ch 11 and ch 15 test questions, you can do these to help yourself, but I do not want them turned in.

Don't forget to bring the index card on notes and your scientific calculator to the final, which is Tuesday, May 28th (per 5 only).

Have a wonderful weekend full of studying... see you at our final.  =]


Ms. K

Final Exam STUDY GUIDE posted!!!

You can now find the study guide for our final posted below.  The very important problems highlighted in yellow are due on the final exam day. 

Chapter 11 update
Hi everyone,

Today we started 11-3 but did not get to Geometric Mean. So, your quiz will NOT be as scheduled; we will postpone it to Wednesday.   
Assignment 26, therefore, will also be due that day.
Please email me if you have any questions.
Have a great evening, see you all tomorrow  =]
~ Ms. K  
Chapter 10 Test
Hello everyone,

So as promised, I have three things posted for you, actually 4: 1) A PDF of all the HW questions from ch. 10 that we have gone over; 2) a PDF of the review questions we did in class; 3) the review handout you started working on in class today; and 4) today's warm up.  I suggest you use all these resources and study!!!! You should also make a list of the "ground rules" for this chapter and learn them well.

I really hope this helps  

Have a great weekend; see you all Monday

~ Ms. K

Chapter 9 Test
Please note that the chapter 9 test has been moved up to this Friday, February 22, 2013!!!


HW for the weekend
Hello everyone,

So, as of today, Friday 2/1, we are done with section 9-3.  This means you must complete all of the homework for this section, Assignments 8a and 8b (see the log), and turn them in on MONDAY, 2/4!!!  You will also have a HW Quiz on these two assignments... One problem, from the hw exactly as it is in the book ...... I won't even change the numbers.... so come prepared! 

To help you review for the quiz, we will go over homework questions first....

Hope you have a great weekend... see you all on Monday =]

~ Ms. K

P.S. Both set of notes for vertical and horizontal parabolas are posted here in the class notes folder for your convenience.

Homework for the weekend

I just want you to know that assignment #6 from chapter 7 log has been posted; It is the vertical motion model handout posted inside the homework file.  Please make sure you write the solutions on a separate sheet of paper with a proper homework heading.  

Also, take these next three days to relax but also to review and catch up.  We are almost done with chapter 7 which means we will be taking the test soon!  Do NOT procrastinate so you don't fall behind.  

Have a great weekend, see you Tuesday

~ Ms. K

Welcome back everyone!!!

It was really nice seeing all of you today;  I hope you had a restful time off... because we need to hit the ground running.  Please remember to download the syllabus, fill out the last page, and turn it in as hw tomorrow (Jan 9, 2013).

Wishing all of you a successful second semester.... with hard work, dedication, and focus there's nothing you can't do!!!

~ Ms. K

P.S. By the way, your chapter 7 log is also up; please download and print that as well. 

Chapter 8 Test

Period 5, I forgot to tell you all that you can bring a scientific calculator to the test tomorrow (December 5th).  I will send out an email as well right now to tell you this; I'm hoping you will get this in time.

~ Mr. K

Ch. 6 quiz

The solutions to this quiz are finally up!  I posted them under the test/quiz solutions file =]

Please make sure you review these problems and study them before the test tomorrow, Nov. 16th!

~ Ms. K

Chapter 6 Test date change!!
Don't forget that the chapter 6 test has now been postponed to Friday, Nov. 16th!!!

This means the packet is also due that day.


~ Ms. K

Assignment 30
It has now been posted under the homework file.  Sorry for the delay.


~ Ms. K

Quiz 4-1 ~ 4-3

TOMORROW (9/25/12)!!! Come ready to start =]

HW review
The homework solutions from today are now posted.  You may find the PDF inside the Homework file.

Our class
Hi everyone,

I'm really sorry, but I have to be absent for a couple of more days; right now, my kids need me more than you.  Please make sure to behave and follow all the directions the Sub will give.  Continue working on sections 1 - 3.  These are really Alg. 1 stuff I was not planning on spending too much time; so, go throught the hot PINK handout and make sure to finish all the problems.  Use the book and the examples in it if you have forgotten this.  I wouldn't usually say this, but this content you can teach to yourself, since it is very straightforward and self-explanitory.  If you have questions or concerns, let me know; I will be monitoring this site and I'll keep in touch.

Take care,

I'll see you all soon!

~ Ms. K 

Tomorrow is the big day!!! Ch. 1 - 3 test re-take .........please come prepared and ready to start right away =]

Period 4.........
......the test is out of 80, not 70...... don't know what I was thinking; I think I added more points to some questins after totaling the points and forgot to recalculate You think I would get the math part of this down right?!!! Sorry.

~ Ms. K

Review Packet for this Friday's Test
Hi everyone,

I posted each individual worksheet so that the solutions can also be there.  Please look under the Handout file for all of them.

Have a great day, good luck studying.

~ Ms. K


Math Tutoring

Tuesday – Room R-2 - Ms. N. Smith 3:30-4:30pm

Wednesday – Room H-10 – Dr. Nishioka 7am-8am

Wednesday – Room M-11 – Mrs. Foygel 3:30pm-4:30pm

Thursday - Room M-11 – Mrs. Foygel 3:30pm-4:30pm

Thursday – Room G-9 – Mr. Overton 3:30pm-4:30pm     

Fourth week!

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to the fourth week of class!! I know, time flies when you’re having as much fun as we are in this class =]

Just wanted to remind you that six-week report cards are around the corner and our test is actually right in front of us!!  THIS FRIDAY is your very first exam!  Please do not plan on being absent… or absent minded!!! Come ready and start studying now (well, you should’ve started this weekend, but……). 

See you in class  =D

~ Ms. K

Sec 3-6, ex 2 in notes
Period 4, the system is

     s + 2c = 128

20s + 35c = 2280


POP Quiz
........... you never know when one will pop ur way  =]

hint-hint, wink-wink, nudge-nudge.......


My apologies for all the late replies to your e-mails and the lack of communication this weekend; I was on a family camping trip where I had no access to a computer or the Internet. Hope your weekend was as eventful as mine but also productive. See you all tomorrow! =]
~ Ms. K
Ch. 3 HW Log is up!!!!
Please print and bring to class every day!!!



Hi everyone,

I realize you all left a little confused and worried.  First, rest assured that I will do everything I can to help you, including giving you ample time to finish assignments.  I have posted today's document that I used in class… you can find it inside the “class notes” file as well as the “homework” file (it’s the same thing, just posted in two places for your convenience).  Please read everything pertaining to homework, then start on assignment # 1.  Monday morning we will have time to go over any questions you may have from this assignment.  You should also start on assignment #2 but do not have to finish it by Monday. 

Please note that homework is not collected every day; it is only collected on exam days.  We will become more consistent with this as the semester goes on…right now it’s a little confusing, since I’m not following the book for the first 2 chapters and, thus, we do not have a chapter HW log. 

So, the first thing you should do this weekend is calm down, read the syllabus once more, check your grade online and make sure to turn in the syllabus signature if you haven’t done so already (and also finish shopping for materials).  Hopefully, by now you have your book because I will be checking it on Monday – 20 point HW! Don’t miss these easy points!!

Next, read the notes from today (Friday, 8/17) and understand everything, finish the problems I asked you to finish, as well as begin working on Assign #1 & #2. 

If you have any questions throughout the weekend, please feel free to email me.  Even if I don’t get to them right away, I will address them the first thing in class.

With this, I wish you a great weekend… see you all Monday! 

~ Ms. K

P.S. Period 4, please please please turn in your MATHOs Monday…somebody remind me, throw something in my general direction, yell, scream, do something so I don’t forget to give you your group folders.  =]      

Book Check
We will have a book check on Monday, 8/20/12, so please make sure to bring your book to class!!!

20 points!!!

Reminder to all 10th and 11th (and 12th) grade students, please make sure to stop by the textbook room to pick up your book!  You may do so before or after school. 



Hi everyone, welcome to our homepage!!! 

Please feel free to look around and get familiar with this site… you will be visiting it often.  This is where you can find important information about our class and all necessary handouts.  This is OUR class and we all need to be responsible for our successes as well as failures (more of the former and less of the latter…I hope).  My wish is that we work well together and accomplish ALL our goals.  To make this a reality, however, we must begin with a positive attitude and contine working hard even through tough times.  So, dive in and get ready for an interesting, fun, and challenging year! 

Nice to have you all aboard!!! 



Ms. K  

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